Jig designed by myself, made by  @huijsdesigns

Jig designed by myself, made by @huijsdesigns

The 'UNI' frame

My first attempt at building a lugged frame.

Jumped into the deep end with this project. Not much time to practice brazing etc. as I was under some time pressure to produce a frame for my friend Chris' university exhibition. Chris built my frame jig as a 'advanced prototyping' university project and the final requirement was that a frame be displayed with the jig upon course completion.

Ended up with quite a wonky frame geometry, mainly because I was going for a certain aesthetic, but had to work within the set angles of the lugs I had on hand. Made lots of mistakes, and it's not as clean as I wanted it to be. However I learned a lot from this first attempt and will be able to apply the knowledge to future projects!