The last half of 2018 has been a very busy time for me and my wife and has involved a lot of changes in our lives.

In order to be able to spend more time on the frame building I’ve reduced my day job hours. As part of that process, I also left my job as a mechanic at the shop where I had been for over 2 years to start a new job at Curve Cycling.

My wife and I had been toying with the idea to sell our townhouse for a while, and finally this year was the right time for the market to be good enough for us to be comfortable putting our home of 7 years up for sale. We spent a lot of time getting the place ready and looking nice for the advertising photos and inspections - decluttering, paint touch-ups, new grass in the back yard (the dogs had destroyed whatever was there before).

We were lucky to sell pretty quickly, but that meant more pressure to find a new place to stay. The rental market here in Melbourne is quite difficult, so we went from one stressful task to the next - finding a suitable rental!

For about a month we spent every weekend checking out rentals and sending in applications only to be knocked back or ignored. We quickly found that the competition was tough and we almost started to despair - would we be able to find a place in time?! Then we came across the perfect place: not too big, great area, very good condition (some rentals here are in a terrible state), a bit of a back yard plus the most important thing for me - a garage to house my workshop! This was the one we really wanted and as luck would have it our rental application was approved.

Packing up a house you’ve lived in for 7 years is a lot of work. We totally underestimated how much stuff we had accumulated over the years. We needed to get rid of so much stuff since the rental we got was a lot smaller. No room for stuff we don’t use regularly.

After the move we had some pressure to get everything in order before we had overseas family visiting for my birthday, and before that we needed to squeeze in a trip to New Zealand that had been booked since before we put the house on the market. We got there in the end. The living quarters are looking great, I have a functioning workshop and the overseas visitors have been and left.

Things have now calmed down and I can make plans for the year ahead. I’ll soon start two new frame projects that I’m really excited about! I won’t be able to show too many details since both are a bit hush-hush, but I’ll post sneaky-peeks when I can!