For this build I didn't want to use the bottle boss reinforcement 'diamonds' that are available from most framebuilding suppliers. I wanted to create something a bit more unique and personal while taking the chance to experiment some more with my letter punches and silver soldering.

My idea was to cut out a strip of bronze plate, stamp it, drill it and braze it on as the tube reinforcement for the bottle bosses. After hand cutting and shaping the plate I drilled the bottle boss holes and measured out where to stamp the letters. The plate on the DT reads "EGRESS" and the one on the ST is stamped with the frame serial number.

Once stamped, I used my wooden tube blocks and a tube offcut to press it in the vice to give it a curved shape to match the tube it was to be soldered onto. This was my first time using type U flux and silver to solder bronze onto steel, so heat control and silver flow was not spot on, so it's not perfect but I still like it.