Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll start frame #3.. 

My first mountainbike was a Specialized Crave SL - a rigid singlespeed MTB. This bike shaped my view of what a mountainbike should be - pure and simple fun. After having owned a couple of 150-160mm travel enduro bikes, the singlespeed is still my go-to bike for when I want to race XC or go for longer rides at my local trails. 

So this is a project I'm really excited about - I'm building myself a new singlespeed hardtail!

For this version of the bike I'm recycling the carbon fork off my Crave SL, but all the rest of the components are going to be brand new. All these parts have already been acquired and are currently sitting stashed away, just waiting to be put to use. 

I'm quite looking forward to the end result. 

The frame:

The frame will be constructed from Columbus Zona tubing and be equipped with sliding dropouts. Being that it's the first time I'm building an MTB frame, this will be very much a prototype and I'm fully expecting that changes will be made for future versions. The geometry is going to be a little bit more relaxed than an XC specific race machine, but the aim is for the bike to still be responsive enough to hold its own on fast technical singletrack.

I'll post more updates as the build progresses. In the meantime, here's a render of what the bike might look like when finished.