E04MRL - Step-thru Townie

After building a few frames for myself I figured it was time to build one for my wife, despite the fact that she doesn't really ride bikes (but maybe this will be the catalyst needed to get her out on a bike).

I opted for a simple step-thru design, making the rear end quite long for stability. It was built around a tube & lug set acquired from Ceeway. Being that the lugs were for a regular double diamond frame shape, I got a bit creative and flipped the HT/TT lug upside down, cutting the HT support ring off, in order to get the dropped down TT required for the design. 
To keep the lugged aesthetics going as well as providing some extra strength at the ST/TT junction, a bilaminate design was fashioned from offcut tubing and shaped to mirror the design of the existing lugs.

The frame got a brass serial number plate on the seattube and also a love heart headbadge (aawww). Once finished and cleaned up, the frame was painted in a colour scheme selected by my wife, using custom blended 2K rattle can paint.

Here's a gallery showing some of the build progress:

Gallery Block
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Due to time pressures and deadlines I had to put the assembly of the bike on hold. I had to finish the CX/Gravel bike to get it ready for The Makers show before I could get back to his one.

Now it's been a few weeks since the show and I was able to find the time to get this one ready. I didn't go crazy with fancy components for this one since I don't know how much use it will see. But if my wife gets into riding I'll happily build her a new one later on and make it even more special.