Bikes to me is an excuse to get outside, experience and explore your surroundings - be it the city, suburbs, country roads or the wilderness. It's in a way a means of escape from everyday expectations and pressures. That's why I chose the name 'Egress' as I think it embodies that very concept.

Since 2005 I've been designing and drafting frames and parts for myself and a handful of companies in the BMX industry. It's been great fun and very fulfilling to get to see my designs come to life as real products - but I've always had an urge to be involved in the physical process of making things. The gap between creating a 3D model on the screen and holding the final product needed to be bridged.

So now, finally, after a few years of having had the urge to work more with my hands and actually create the physical objects myself, the pieces fell together in a way that has allowed me to start building steel frames in my evolving home workshop.


[noun ee-gres; verb ih-gres


1. the act or an instance of going, especially from an enclosed place.

2. a means or place of going out; an exit.

3. the right or permission to go out.

4. Astronomy. emersion (def 1).

verb (used without object)

5. to go out; emerge.